mountains move when we join hands.

Our Story

Working together to make a lasting change in East Africa.

Hayat Foundation is a charity organization and medical non-profit founded in 2012 to improve the desperate conditions that many people are forced to live with inside East Africa. Hayat was born out of the need to help people who don’t have many options. There are stories of the mentally ill being tied from their foot to a tree. There are stories of women being forced to face childbirth without any medical aid. There are stories of vulnerable people who fight battles with preventable and curable diseases, but sometimes lose. We need stories that tell of individuals who could find help when they needed it. Stories of change and growth and prosperity. 

Hayat started with equipping medical centers to help people who needed desperate medical attention with no access to help. Issues such as mental illness, childbirth, and outbreaks of diseases are relentless problems that seem overwhelming, but still need long term solutions. It is our goal to better the lives of people who have no way to find help. We revive existing hospitals or give local communities a leg-up to building their own hospitals. Our approach is to mobilize local communities and equip them with medical supplies and help them take initiative for lasting change. There are many who suffer daily, and our organization aims to find a solution: short term and long term. Hayat appreciates every donation and every volunteer who contributes to making a difference.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individualized services that lessen the pain and the suffering of the poor and impoverished people of Somalia and Africa. To make lasting change in these areas so the people can prosper.


Our Vision

We hope to reach a global level of providing services that push communities to establish and equip hospitals, schools, shelters, provide food services, and dig wells. 


Our Values


Compassion : Our awareness of the suffering of others should lead us to work for their relief.


Responsibility : Every human is responsible and will be asked about his or her responsibility.


Respect :  All human beings have God given dignity and deserve respect.


Integrity : Hayat promotes strong ethical practices and active oversight.