"If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind"

Quran 5:32

OUR Goals

Hayat Foundation hopes to meet the needs of communities in parts of Africa where the needs are many. We work to establish medical centers, equip hospitals, dig wells, and improve quality of life and overall health care of impoverished people in East Africa. Whether you’re giving your time or donating money, every bit you do to help makes a positive difference in these people’s lives.


Our Causes


Equip Hospitals

Hayat Foundation uses your donations and support to send lab equipment and supplies to Medical centers without much apparatus. Above is a blood analysis lab sent to Adado General Hospital. 


Establish Medical Centers

Many cities in East Africa, both small and large, do not have access to hospitals or medical care. Hayat works to open up medical centers in areas that need it the most. 


Provide Emergency relief

Issues like floods, displacement, and drought are sudden and reoccurring in East Africa. Hayat works to provide both long lasting change and intimidate relief during emergencies like these. 

Impact Stories


23-year-old Muhammad had been tied to a tree for more than 10 years. At the age of 13, he had become mentally ill and a danger to himself and his family. Muhammad’s brothers, Omar and Libaan also experienced the same sudden illness at different ages. Muhammad’s family were nomads but decided to abandon their lifestyle since the boys needed more care. So the family moved to an area closer to people for support. Life was difficult since they relied on the generosity of others to get by daily. Without proper help, the mental states of Muhammad and his brothers only worsened, with the sons, especially Muhammad, showing extreme violent tendencies.

Muhammad’s Mom and her 3 Sons.