Health & Medical Services


Achievable Goals With Lasting Improvements

Our nonprofit's group goal is to ensure that people in Somalia and other African countries are able to get the health care they need and deserve. Giving medical centers and hospitals the proper equipment, supplies, and training they need to adequately care for their patients not only improves the standard of care in the facilities, but also improves the overall quality of life for the communities they serve. We seek to establish hospitals, schools, shelters, food services, and wells in the most impoverished areas of the continent. Imagine a hospital with more than 80 patients a day, no modern equipment, or doctors having to provide air to an infant manually with their own. This was the Adaado District Hospital before we stepped in.

Volunteering Your Time to Make a Difference

Participate in fundraisers, train and educate our board of directors, or donate your time as a medical professional to help us change the realities of medical care in Africa. There is no time commitment for volunteering; whether you help us for a year or just an hour, every second of your time is appreciated.

Donating to a Noble Cause

our donations helps us improve health care in Somalia and other areas in Africa as we expand our network. If you would like to donate anything, just give us the details so we can work out how to get it to our staff. Money donations are done through Pay PalTM or checks and are tax-deductible. Helps us with donations such as

Developmental and Sustainability

We improve the global quality of life through service delivery, training and capacity building in developing countries especially horn of africa.

" Empower local health professionals and support staff in the countries we visit to deliver enhanced health care"

Safia Barre